Branimir Jovančićević

Vice President, Democratic Party, Member of Serbian Parliament
Branimir Jovancicevic

Branimir Jovančićević was born in Užice (Serbia, 15/04/1962). He finished his B.Sc. studies in Chemistry in 1985, M.Sc. in 1989 and Ph.D in 1993 at the Belgrade University. As Alexander von Humboldt scholar, he finished his post-doctoral studies in 2000 and 2002 in Hannover. At the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade, he was elected as a full professor in  2003. He was a dean of Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade (2010-2015). He was the president of Serbian Ministry of Science committee for geo- and astro-sciences. Also, he is the member of one of the most respected academic institutions in Serbia, “Matica Srpska”. He was the president of European Association of Environmental Chemistry, and he is associate editor of its official journal Environmental Chemistry Letters (Springer). He was a member of numerous academic institutions in Serbia. Since 2019, he is the president of Humboldt club in Belgrade.

In the last twenty years he has been the chief of the project in fields of organic geochemistry and environmental chemistry (Serbian Ministry of Science). He was also the co-chief of two TEMPUS projects, and one ERASMUS+ project. Until now, in the field of organic geochemistry and environmental chemistry he has published 120 SCI papers, 4 books published by Springer, two books in Serbian language, 8 chapters in international and domestic books, and presented more then 270 papers at scientific conferences. He was a mentor to 20 defended doctoral theses.

He has been member of the Democratic party since 2004. Currently he is the president of Departmental Committee for the Environment and vice president of the Democratic party. He is also member of the Serbian Parliament.