Hermano Sanches Ruivo

Deputy Mayor of Paris

Hermano SANCHES-RUIVO was born in 1966 in Portugal. Coming from a business background, he founded multiple NGO’s committed to the defense of Europe in France and was first elected Councilor of Paris in 2008 by Bertrand Delanoe.

As a major support of Anne Hidalgo during the 2014 municipal elections in Paris, Hermano SANCHES-RUIVO was appointed Councilor in charge of Europe and, in 2020, Deputy Mayor in charge of Europe.

Since June 2020, he was nominated member of the European Board of the Global Covenant of Mayors, spokesperson of PLATFORMA, as well as vice-president of the European commission of France Urbaine. In September 2021, he was appointed as a representative of cities in the Conference on the Future of Europe plenary.

In 2010, he was appointed Comendador da Ordem nacional do Mérito (Commandeur Knight of the Portugal National Order of Merit).