Filip Milačić

Senior Researcher, Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung

Filip Milacic studied political sciences and history of Eastern Europe at the University of Heidelberg and obtained the PhD at the Humboldt University. Currently, he is senior researcher for democracy and society at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s (FES) Office ‘Democracy of the Future,’ and Research Affiliate at the CEU Democracy Institute. Before joining the FES, Milacic worked for the Organization for the Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and at the University of Montenegro. He was also a visiting fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna and at the Center for Advanced Studies of the University of Rijeka. He is author of the book Nationalstaatsbildung, Krieg und Konsolidierung der Demokratie. Kroatien, Serbien, und Montenegro (Springer, 2017). His new book, Stateness and Democratic Consolidation: Lessons from Former Yugoslavia was published by Springer. His work was published in many academic journals such as Ethnopolitics, Nationalities Papers, Democratization, and Southeast European and Black Sea Studies.