Gábor Kemenesi

assistant professor, National Laboratory of Virology, Pécs

Gábor Kemenesi is an assistant professor at the National Laboratory of Virology, Szentágothai Research Centre. His main research interests are viral zoonoses, more specifically the study of bat-borne and mosquito-borne viral pathogens. He is involved as a principal investigator in the work of the Action Group for Coronavirus Research set up by the Government in response to the Covid crisis. He is running a blog of his own dedicated to the Covid situation and he is a regular contributor to the Covid-19 newsletters edited by MTA’s Section of Medical Sciences. In 2021 he became a member of MTA’s Presidential Committee for Sustainable Development. He has received several awards and prizes in the last couple of years, among them the Junior Szentágothai Prize in 2016, the János Bolyai Research Grant and the Junior Prima Prize (in category “Hungarian Science”) in 2019 and the Pro Communitate Prize in 2020.