Stéphane Bourgeois

Leader of Collaborative Low Energy Vision, European Region and European Relations; Policy Manager, NégaWatt Association
Stephane Bourgeois

Stéphane Bourgeois is the Leader of Collaborative Low Energy Vision for the European Region and European Relations and Policy Manager at NégaWatt Association.

Stephane Bourgeois has been working on climate and energy policy for 15 years. After advising Fiona Hall in the European Parliament on major energy efficiency and renewable energy dossiers, Stephane headed the regulatory affairs of the European Wind Energy Association (now Windpower Europe) in Brussels, and then advised the Moroccan Government on its energy strategy on behalf of the German Cooperation Agency GIZ. For the past 3 years he has been responsible for négaWatt’s European relations and policies, a leading French energy and climate Think tank which has been coordinating the consortium work on a Collaborative Low Energy Vision for the European Region scenario. The CLEVER bottom-up low energy scenario explores the EU’s sufficiency and efficiency potential and will be launched in June in Brussels.