Tanja Dramac Jiries

Deputy Director, Europe, National Endowment for Democracy
Tanja Dramac Jiries

Tanja Dramac Jiries is the Deputy Director for Europe at National Endowment for Democracy.

Tanja Dramac Jiries is deputy director for Europe at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), where she oversees over $35 million in democracy assistance to more than 350 civil society organizations, think tanks, and independent media across Europe. Her areas of interest include post-conflict transition, extremism and radicalization, youth civic engagement and independent media.

She is also a political scientist and analyst of European and international affairs with a PhD cum laude from Scuola Superiore Sant’ Anna. In her academic career, Tanja has researched the process of radicalization and violent extremism occurring in parallel to democratization processes, state building, and post-conflict transition utilizing extensive fieldwork spanning several years including interviews with foreign fighters and their families and other primary sources for her doctoral thesis.

Her book “Balkan fighters in the Syrian War” is published by Routledge in 2021.