Tomislav Kezarovski

investigative journalist, North Macedonia

Tomislav Kezarovski was born on 2nd June 1965 in Skopje, where he finishes elementary, high school and Law University. In June 1999, he started to write as a journalist at “Utrinski Dnevnik”. Five years later from July 2004 till June 2006 he was editor in “Vecer”, he works in “Business” and TV “Skay net”, where he prepares the TV show Revizor.
From September 2010 he’s a journalist in “Nova Makedonija”. Founder and editor-in-chief of the Crime Review “Svedok” and the weekly “Reporter92”.
He’s a participant in many seminars, tributes and workshops in Macedonia and the foreign countries. He’s a winner of many native and international awards for research studies.
In 2015, right after coming out of jail, he started studying political studies and diplomacy on the FON University. Now, he has a master’s degree in political science in foreign policy. At the moment he is preparing another master thesis on the topic: Fake news as a form of special warfare.
From August 2017 till August 2018 he’s a stipendist of the Foundation Hamburg for politically exiled persons. From Octomber 2018 he’s a stipendist of the PEN Centar Germany (Writers in exil).

He’s married to Marina Kezharovska and together they have a daughter, Stefanija.